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Playing dice games with a friend or family is one thing that may make you think of quality time, togetherness, and time away from devices. You may have a favorite game from your childhood that gives you fond memories of your parents, grandparents, or siblings.

Whether you want a magic game, a traditional dice game, or something more like a board game, we feel that our list of dice games may give you some ideas for your next game day. You might even find a new favorite game for family night. You could even start a new tradition with friends that you want to keep close.

We talk about this year’s Best Dice Games 2020 in this blog giving you ideas for new options to try and ways that you might connect with those important to you.

What is The Best Dice Games in 2020?

Best All-Around

A great gift for any Magic player.

Quick playing.

Instructions & playing guide inside.

Best Award-Winning

Educational game with spells.

Learning fun for any age.

The great entertainment for every event.

Easy to learn, fun to play.

Best Fast Playing

Simple scorecard.

Improves spatial math, probability, and strategic thinking.

Playing time: 15 minutes.

Best Multiple Function

Winner of over 10 Best Game Awards.

Great gift Fun for all ages Easy to learn.

Three games in one box: Strategy, Speed or Skill.

Best For Family Vacation

Great mental sharpness training.

2 or more players.

Age 9 to adult.

Playing a fun game of dice dates back thousands of years to the time of Sophocles and much earlier. Materials like marble, alabaster, and onyx were popular materials for beginning dice games. Magic dice are something you may or may not know about, but they date to the days of Troy and ancient Greece.

For decades, people felt that the gods were the ones controlling the results of the dice roll. Now, individuals use dice to impress friends, spend time with others, and enjoy a competitive round of fun.

We look at many products on the market. The following reviews are the ones we feel are the top dice games available.

Magic the Gathering 2019 Duel Decks Mind Versus Might – Best All-Around Dice Game

Magic: The Gathering Core Set 2019 Bundle | 10 Booster Packs | Accessories
  • Need a birthday present? A gift for the holidays? This is it. The Bundle’s 10 booster packs and accessories make it a great gift for any Magic player.
  • Every Magic player needs land cards, and dice can make keeping score much more fun. Each Bundle comes with a 20-sided Spindown life counter, 80 basic land cards, a storage box, and a player’s guide, which contains a visual encyclopedia of every Core Set 2019 card.
  • Your Bundle contains 10 booster packs of Core Set 2019 (M19, sometimes “Core 19”), the follow-up to the hit expansion, Dominaria. Each pack contains 15 Magic cards. Pick your favorites, put them in your deck and battle!
  • Each pack includes 1 rare or mythic rare card from Core Set 2019. Core Set 2019 includes dragons like Nicol Bolas, the Ravager or Lathliss, Dragon Queen; planeswalkers like Sarkhan, Dragonsoul—even some of the most potent cards printed to date, like Omniscience..
  • Magic: The Gathering is the first modern collectible card game. Magic has inspired more than 20 million fans over 25 years, from the first dragons and angels to today’s Planeswalkers and Commander decks.
  • Wizards of the Coast has been making the world’s best strategy games for almost 30 years: Magic: The Gathering (MTG), Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), many board games under the Avalon Hill umbrella, and more. Explore them all, discover new favorites, and make new friends along the way.
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Do you want a game that your children and you can play together? Are you looking for a way to spend quality time with each other instead of watching everyone mess with his or her phone all night? Magic the Gathering is a game that might help you pull your family off of the Internet and into a nice conversation. This game kit comes with two decks of playing cards. Two premium cards may have you beating your opponent fast. Boxes for each deck may help you keep track of cards and maintain the playing decks for years to come. A strategy guide can provide helpful tips when you have a tough competitor.


  • Quick playing
  • Instructions and playing guide inside
  • Production date March 2019


  • No planeswalkers

If you want a game that appeals to young and old alike, then the Mind Versus Might MTG dice adventure may be an excellent purchase.

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Wizard Roll Family Board Game – Best Award-Winning Dice Game

RoosterFin | Wizard Roll Family Board Game | Match Shapes Using Dice and Cards to Create Magic Wand Spells | Teacher Created Educational Fun for All Ages | Kids and Adults 7 Years and Up
  • MAKES LEARNING FUN: 2017 Preferred Choice Award by Creative Child Magazine. Wizard Roll is the dice-matching pattern-building game of magical spells! Players compete to help the Wizard complete his spells by rolling the cubes and matching the pattern on their Spell Card. Learn shapes and colors. Wizard Roll improves strategic…
  • YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD FOR BOARD GAMES: RoosterFin makes games that are perfect for everyone, no matter if you are 6 or 60! Wizard Roll is perfect for all ages; from kids and teens, to college students, parents, and grandparents!
  • PERFECT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Wizard Roll is great entertainment for every event! Whether it’s family game night, vacation, or after school fun, this is the game for you! Rooster Race also makes a perfect birthday gift. Give the gift of entertainment with RoosterFin!
  • EASY TO LEARN, FUN TO PLAY: Players take turns rolling the cubes and building the pattern on their Spell Card. First to correctly complete the pattern wins!
  • JOIN THE FUN: RoosterFin strives to combine the fun of board games with the joy of learning. Founded by Joe RoosterFin, a former teacher with a degree in mathematics, these award-winning games are easy to learn, educational, and fun for the whole family!
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Do you want a game that can bring the family together at the end of the day? Are you ready to teach your little ones how to play something other than Internet games? We think you may find the Wizard Roll Game a great choice. You can help your child gain lifelong skills with this game. Children will learn to use colors and shapes as they have fun. You may find that memory improves as you play this game. Strategic gameplay is another skill that you can hone with this choice.


  • Creative Child Magazine 2017 Preferred Choice Award Winner
  • Educational game with spells
  • Fun for any age


  • We find no issue with this game

Do you want to help the development of your young children? Using gameplay may help your child’s memory and improve organizational skills. You may find that the Wizard Roll Family Board Game teaches your children valuable life lessons while they think they are just playing.

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Qwixx – Best Fast Playing Dice Game

Qwixx – A Fast Family Dice Game
  • Includes 6 dice
  • 1 score pad
  • Rules of play and in Spanish
  • Reinforces probability, math and strategic thinking
  • Playing time: 15 minutes

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Do you wish you had a game that fits well into your busy schedule? Do you want to spend time with family even if it is only for a few minutes? Qwixx may be a game that fits into your crazy schedule because the average session takes about 15 minutes to play. We think you might use this game as a lunchtime favorite because you and your friends can get in a game while you fuel up for the afternoon half of work. This game uses small dice that can be choking hazards for children under the age of three. While this game is acceptable for ages two and up, we recommend that you may want to supervise young children as they play Qwixx closely .


  • Players participate in each roll no matter whose turn it is
  • Simple scorecard
  • Improves spatial math, probability, and strategic thinking
  • Spanish instructions with the English rules


  • You have to reorder score sheets

One tip from our reviewers is to laminate the scorecards or make copies of them when you run low. You might find that the cards are easy to order when you get near the end because of convenience, but you have several options to replenish the cards.

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SET – Best Multiple Function Dice Game

SET Dice Game
  • Three games in one box: Strategy, Speed or Skill… you decide!
  • Winner of over 10 Best Game Awards!
  • Great gift Fun for all ages Easy to learn.
  • Ages 8 to adult Play solo or with up to 6 players.
  • SET promotes brain heath Exercise your brain while playing a game!

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Did you know that dice are known to be as old or older than Egyptian pyramids? The dice even have similar numbering and shape pattern to modern-day game cubes. Ancient societies saw the mathematical skills in playing dice, or maybe the cubes were just a fun way to pass the time. SET is a modern game that lets you play in one of three ways. You may want to play a fast game of speed with friends when you are in a hurry but want some quality time together. The strategy is a version that we feel is best for those times when you want to enjoy the company of a great friend while attempting to outwit your opponent in a battle of clever moves. The skill gives you the chance to see how accurate you are while playing.


  • Ten awards for Best Game including one from the Mensa Society
  • Quick to learn the rules
  • Improves mental skills like strategy creation and recognizance


  • Primary design is for ages eight to fifteen

Do you want a diverse game for your children so that they are not idle and looking to cell phones for entertainment? SET is a game we feel will help kids grow and develop mental skills without feeling like a training session.

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Fill or Bust – Best Family Vacation Game

Bowman Games Fill or Bust Great Card and Dice Game
  • Contains 6 dice & 54 cards plus instructions
  • 2 or more players
  • Age 9 to Adult

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Are you looking for a game that you can take along when you go to the cabin for the weekend? Do you want a compact board game to fit on the boat while you spend the summer afloat? Fill or Bust is one option we think you may love to keep around because it is easy to learn. With just a deck of cards and six dice, you can easily tote this game with you to a holiday party or toss it in the kid’s backpack when they go for a sleepover. There are optional rules that come with this cube game. You can find directions for tournament play and teams as well.


  • Easy to tote around
  • Great mental sharpness training
  • Any number of players or groups can play


  • Not for children under the age of nine

You may find that a game like Fill or Bust encourages teamwork and cooperation, so your children might gain a few skills in patience and problem-solving. Improving memory is a benefit of playing this game regularly.

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Bang! The Dice Game – Best Standalone Dice Game

DA VINCI Bang!: The Dice Game
  • Standalone game
  • 5 Bang! dice, 30 game cards, Arrow tokens, Bullet tokens, Rules in English and Italian
  • For 3-8 players
  • Takes about 15 minutes to play
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While this game has the same story as the video game, there is no need to use the Internet to play this cube adventure. The product comes with arrow and bullet tokens. The outside of the box has a mountain scene with a cowboy and a large rifle making it easy to spot when buying. You may want to keep this game out of the reach of children under the age of three. There are small parts that can cause a choking hazard. Young children may find the little game parts appealing, so we think it is best to keep them out of sight or monitor toddlers when the game is within reach.


  • Up to eight players can play at the same time
  • Can play rounds in as little as fifteen minutes
  • Additional options available when five or more players participate


  • Rules can be challenging for those new to the game

Do you want a game that gives your family variety? Bang! gives you the ability to drag out a game or play with a large group. Large families may feel that this game is a top pick because it accommodates bigger group play and has additional game moves when more players participate.

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Giant Wooden Yard Dice Set – Best Outdoor Dice Game

EasyGoProducts Large DICE Game – Giant Wooden Yard DICE Set – DICE with Bag DICE Games Kids – Great Lawn and Family Game
  • FUN FAMILY GAME NIGHT – This set of six dice is fun for family games for kids and adults alike. Jumbo dice adds fun to any game night!
  • INDOOR OR OUTDOOR – Set of 6 GIANT wooden dice, each die is 3.5” square. Play your favorite dice game with these 6 sided dice. Use for any dice games kids play.
  • EASY STORAGE – Six dice comes with heavy duty zip top polyester carry bag for easy storage and transport.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We are so confident that you will like our DICE GAME that if you return it within 30 days, we will give you a full refund on the product price. Try it, we know you will like it!
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Do you like to spend time outdoors with your family and friends? Do you have a backyard that may need a little spicing up? With giant wooden yard dice, you can play any dice game you want without having to stay indoors. Forget sitting at the dining room table on summer game nights. You may find that the yard dice give you the chance to get more Vitamin D and boost your mood at the same time. Whether you have two or ten people that want to play a game like Yahtzee or Farkle, you can easily accommodate them with these large dice. Never worry about little ones getting small parts in his or her mouth with giant dice. When the weather is not cooperating, you can easily tote the dice inside with the carrying bag.


  • Dozens of game options
  • No choking hazards
  • Indoor or outdoor play
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • ou might want to add a coat of polyurethane to extend the life of the dice

When you wish for a fun game option that lets you play inside or out as well as go to barbecues or vacations, then giant dice might be a helpful option for your family. You can tote these dice anywhere you need to go whether you want to travel outdoors or you end up inside.

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Farkle – Best Family Dice Game

  • It’s the classic dice-rolling, risk-taking game!
  • Roll the dice, hoping for scoring combinations!
  • Be safe and take your points, or keep rolling for more and risk losing them all in a Farkle!
  • Fun family or group game!
  • For 2 or more players, ages 8+
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Do you remember the lazy, summer days playing Farkle on the porch with grandma and grandpa? Does classic gameplay sound like a fun way to get the kids off from the computer for a while? We think Farkle is just one of those dice games that you may never tire of and want to keep in your mobile home, car, vacation home, and office. Farkle is such a classic game option. You can play an intimate game with a special someone, or you can gather the family and have hours of laughter. One of the things we find fun about Farkle is that you can customize the rules and make a whole new game with the same dice.


  • Great for groups or couples
  • Fun for kids and adults
  • Versatile and easy to customize
  • Easy scoring system


  • We find no problem with Farkle

You may want a classic game that you remember playing as a kid. Farkle gives you the option to pass something down to your children and grandchildren.

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Martian Dice Game – Best Science Fiction Dice Game

Steve Jackson Games Mars Attacks The Dice Game
  • Kill the humans!
  • Based on the Topps trading card game
  • Great Topps artwork
  • 3-6 players
  • 20 minutes to play
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Is crazy and zany your style? Do you like to play games with a little background and sustenance to give you a story to follow? The Martian Dice Game is a fun option that has a quirky tone. You will collect samples from cows and chickens along with sampling humans too. The purple cylinder is easy to spot in the game aisle when you shop for this item in person. The outside of the container has a UFO sucking up cows and humans in the tractor beam.


  • Fun for adults and children
  • Snazzy packaging
  • Compact size makes storing easy


  • Game primarily for teens although adults or younger children can participate

The colorful package and background story make this dice game a fantastic option for families. Your family may like the abduction strategies that get members talking and laughing.

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Poppycock Family Dice Game – Best Vocal Dice Game

Poppycock Family Dice Game | Fun & Creative Kids Dice Games | Board Games for Families | Children Dice Games for Learning | Unique Adult Dice Game Set for Game Night | Dice Games for Families
  • WHAT IS POPPYCOCK? Poppycock is a dice game jam-packed with all the things you look for in a fun game that you can enjoy with family and friends. New to the scene, this fun and challenging game relies on quick thinking, reading your opponents’ expressions, lots of strategy, and (most…
  • HOW DO YOU PLAY? Poppycock involves 2-6 people. There are no age-specific demographics, so adults and children can play (although it does involve mathematical strategizing.) Each person gets 6 dice, they are rolled, and hidden from other players. The object of the game is for each person to make bids…
  • LESS SCREEN TIME, MORE FAMILY TIME: We are living in an era in which the value of television and the internet is placed higher than that of family time. There’s nothing wrong with curling up to watch a good movie or tv series, but sometimes we need to turn the…
  • GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO TEACH AND LEARN: First and foremost, Poppycock is a game meant for entertainment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize this time to teach your children. This game can be challenging, requiring a lot of strategizing, thought, and math. This dice set is a great opportunity to…
  • NOT JUST FOR KIDS: Hey, the kids don’t get to have all the fun! Sometimes, you need to have adult night with all your friends and a great way to entertain guests is with Poppycock. It makes for an entertaining drinking game where you can relax, cut loose, have a…
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Are you a competitive person that gets into your gameplay with poignant shouts and loud outbursts? Poppycock gives you the chance to get loud while enjoying a few drinks with friends or when trying to impress your younger children. Enjoy an immersive game session that lets you feel like you did something more than spin a wheel or move a game piece from space to space. You might never have to worry about the game night being boring again. Poppycock gives your family a chance to vocalize ideas and think fast. Since you hide the dice from other players as you roll, there is an air of mystery and suspense that lets you practice deduction strategies in a fun setting.


  • Teaches children to strategize and count on fun play
  • Suitable for two to six players
  • Excellent for drinking games and adults only fun


  • The size of the dice can pose a choking hazard

When you want a game that is good for the family and for entertaining, then perhaps Poppycock Family Dice Game is an excellent choice. The versatility of the game lets you set up time with friends, family, or coworkers at a holiday party.

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Best Dice Games – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

While you could fill your game cabinet with all of these dice games, we feel that you will find a couple of items from our list of Best Dice Games 2018 to put in your home. Whether you have young children or want something to play on party night with your roommate, we give you several top options to consider.


When you have young children at home, safety is the biggest priority. Most of the dice games on our list contain small parts that pose choking hazards like Bang! We suggest that unless you pick the Giant Yard Dice, that you always monitor children under the age of three when any of these dice games are out of the box. Some of the games have stories that appeal more to a teenage audience like Fill or Bust or Bang. It is always our recommendation that you look at player age suggestions from the manufacturer before buying dice games for young children.

Skill level

Some games are harder to learn than others making them more ideal for adult gameplay like Magic the Gathering. You may want to read the manufacturer’s instructions online for any game you consider purchasing to ensure that you get a game that fits the skill level of the participants. For instance, you may want to get the Martian game for family night and buy SET for a couple’s night.

Play location

Do you have a specific place in mind to play games? For instance, are you planning to go hiking or camping several times this summer? If you want to spend more time outdoors, then you might want to select the giant yard dice with a carrying case. If you need something small and compact to store in your backpack, then Fill or Bust could be the dice game for your family.

Educational teaching

Many parents are big on using games to teach kids skills from problem-solving to forward-thinking and more. For this gameplay, we suggest choosing options like Wizard Roll Family Dice Game and Magic the Gathering. Both games give your family practice with memorization and strategic thinking. You can help children learn everything from colors and numbers to ways to avoid rolling a number that takes them out of the game with several of our Best Dice Games.

Fun factor

Is all-out fun the name of the game for you and your group? If so, then you might want to add Poppycock the Family Game or Farkle to your collection. You can be competitive and loud at the same time because everyone is doing the same thing. Remember, the key is to compete and enjoy the time you have together.


To kick things up a notch, you may want to add a few different game types like Magic the Gathering, Fill or Bust, and Farkle to your game cabinet. Most of the options are very affordable allowing you to create a collection of dice games that the family can use to take on vacation, on rainy days, or when school is out for a snow day. Mixing up game styles and play options is an excellent way to keep the game day from getting boring. You may keep the kid’s attention longer when you have a mix of games to choose from on family night.

The bottom line on our Best Dice Games 2018 Picks

No matter whether you want to play a fun game with someone special, or you want to bring the family together; we feel that we give you several options to consider for game night. So we understand how important quality, family time is, and we think you may feel that several of our options promote a healthy gaming atmosphere.

Many of our educational picks are award winners like SET and Wizard Roll. The American Psychological Association says that games are excellent motivational tools for teaching math skills. You may find that our dice game picks are helpful tools for teaching your children math skills at any age. Our best dice games include picks for young children all the way to adulthood to give you options for every age group. To choose the right game or games for your needs, we suggest that you think about why you want a dice game, whom you will play with, and whether you want to use the game as an education tool. You can always have a game swap with friends and share games when your family bores one option or another. You may also want to donate games with gentle use to adoption agencies and foster parents when you finish with them to share the fun. Dice games also make excellent family gifts when you have no idea what to purchase.


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