Best Cribbage Board – Buyer’s Guide

Best Cribbage Board – Buyer’s Guide ?Card Games

If you are looking for a reliable cribbage board that will handle hours of play and stores your game pieces, then we have a few that we think will be excellent game purchases. You may want to pick up a couple of your favorites because you might want to keep one and give another as a gift.

What is The Best Cribbage Board in 2020?

Editor’s Choice

Robust design.

Delicate inlays.

Great storage.

Top Round Shape Board

Circular design.

Extra pegs.

Room for tracking game stats.

Striking color scheme.

Top Portable Model

Compact size.

Room for cards and pegs.

Comes with a velvet carrying bag.

Top Simple Pick

Fits well in modern design.

Convenient size & shape.

Ample storage for cards & pegs.

Quality construction.

We scoured the Internet to find the best cribbage boards around. We hope that you like the unique features and thoughtful craftsmanship we found in our top picks. Here are our Top Nine Cribbage Board Choices.

House of Cribbage: Continuous Cribbage Board – Editor’s Choice

House of Cribbage – Continuous Cribbage Board Inlaid 4 Tracks Maple/Teakwood with Sliding Lids and Drawer
  • Type: Continuous 120 points | Tracks: 4 Tracks (4 Players)
  • Board Wood: White Maple | Inlay Wood: Teak Wood
  • Board Size: 13.5″ | No. of Pegs included -12 | Velvet Cover included for protection
  • Type of Pegs: 3 Gold, 3 Silver, 3 Copper & 3 Black Plated Metal Pegs
  • Playing Cards are NOT included (where ever shown in the images)
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There is everything to like about this cribbage board because it is both unique and convenient in one package. The storage drawers give you space to store two decks of cards with your board. We chose this as our top pick because of the solid construction and creative accents. A magnetic lock on the center drawer holds pegs securely in place when a game is not in use. A felt bottom ensures board protection from wear and tear. Four playing fields means more gameplay.

Best aspects

Four tracks give you the ability to play against each other or add up to two pairs of players. At just over a foot in length, this board is easy to store and comes with a velvet bag for storage. The brass pull on the center drawer makes it easy to access player pegs. You can store up to two decks of cards under the main playing surface.

Robust construction

Do you want a playing board that is tough and built to last? This House of Cribbage model is sturdy and durable with three coats of lacquer to stand up to lots of use. The felt pad on the underside ensures that the wood is safe from scratches and scrapes.


  • Robust design
  • Delicate inlays
  • Great storage


  • Some find this game board a little pricey, but you may agree that the product is worth the cost.

Why we recommend this as our top cribbage board pick

Amazon reviewers felt that this cribbage board exceeds the expectations they have about purchasing a game board online. Many buyers comment on the quality of the board. The magnetic peg drawer is a top feature that may be what seals the deal for you. You can store a deck of standard playing cards or bridge cards in this model along with the 12 pegs.

If you want a board that is ready to hold up regular use, then this might be the cribbage playing field for you. The board has 120 spots for pegs that come in four different colors.

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House of Cribbage: Ten-inch game board – Top round shape board

House of Cribbage – 10″ Round Shape 4 Tracks Continuous Cribbage Board Rosewood/Maple – Push Drawer with Score Marking Fields for Skunks, Corners & Won Games
  • Type: Continuous 120 points | Tracks: 4 Tracks (4 Players)
  • Wood Combination : Rosewood / Maple Wood
  • Board Size: 10″ Dia x 1.9″ (25 cm Dia x 4.8 cm) | No. of Pegs included – 20 | Velvet bag included for protection
  • Type of Pegs: 5 Gold, 5 Silver, 5 Copper & 5 Black Plated Metal Pegs
  • Playing Cards are NOT included (where ever shown in the images)
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If you are looking for a circular game board to play cribbage on, then this House of Cribbage ten-inch board may be just what you are searching for on a playing field. Do you like easy ways of keeping track of who won, the corners, and the skunks? This board uses decorative inlays to help you see who is ahead with just a glance. This House of Cribbage model allows two to four players to enjoy the game at the same time. Five pegs in four colors give you the ability to keep score while playing. Decorative inlays make it easy to discern the difference in peg color.

Product features

You may find that our top round pick is excellent for game rooms and circular tables. The compact design makes it fast to get in a round with up to three friends. Around playing board may work best for smaller rooms.

Cribbage board recommendations

We find that the combination of light and dark wood makes this model very convenient to use. Having an easy way to keep score is helpful. You may like that the drawer under the game table moves from either direction and has a slot for each peg.


  • Circular design
  • Extra pegs
  • Room for tracking game stats
  • Striking color scheme


  • No room for card storage

Buyer’s tips

If you want a board that stays in place without tearing up or damaging your wood table, then this round cribbage board may be the best option. Do you like to play cribbage with more than two people? This game board allows up to four people to play while keeping the field compact enough to fit into small rooms.

Our top round pick is a helpful option for apartments and dorms. When you need a gift idea that is built to stand up to extensive gameplay, then you may feel this is a great option.

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House of Cribbage: Wood Inlaid Card Symbols 2 Track Storage Box – Top Portable Model

House of Cribbage – 2 Track – Wooden Cribbage Board / Box – Inlaid in Bloodwood / Maple Wood – Storage for Pegs & One Deck of Cards – 60 Points – Non Continuous
  • Type: Non-Continuous 60 points | Tracks: 2 Tracks (2 Players)
  • Wood Combination : Bloodwood / Maple Wood
  • Board Size: 5.5″ x 4″ | Velvet Case included for protection
  • No. of Pegs included – 6 | Type of Pegs: 3 Gold & 3 Silver Plated Metal Pegs
  • Playing Cards are NOT included (where ever shown in the images)
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Do you thrive on the one-on-one competition between friends? Do you cherish intricate game items that show your love of play? Maybe you play cribbage outdoors as often as you can. If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you are likely to fall in love with our top pocket size playing board. If you want a travel-size playing board, then this cribbage box might be just the thing. This model is an excellent version for two-person competitive play.

Playing board description

Are you an avid cribbage player? Do you like to compete against your best friend regularly? Is cribbage something you play nearly every day? We think our top portable choice is a great option for travelers and players that want to be ready anytime someone wants to play cribbage.

Striking details

The bloodwood and white maple combination is a big plus for many buyers. The dark box has a velvet liner. Another layer on the bottom of the box keeps it in place during gameplay. Inlaid card suits with gold scrollwork on the game surface add another dimension to the design.

Pros of the travel size board pick


  • Compact size
  • Room for cards and pegs
  • Comes with a velvet carrying bag


  • No room for keeping score
  • Only two people can play the game

If you are a regular player, then you may want to keep one of these cribbage boards in your car or RV. The small size of the box makes it extremely easy to store and tote. The unique details seem to be a conversation starter when traveling.

We could not find anything wrong with this model. We like the use of bloodwood in this item because it contrasts well with the white maple.

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Navy Military Seal Cribbage Board
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    Do you have a friend or family member that loves the game of cribbage? Do you know someone who was in the Navy? We have a personalized option for gift giving that won our number one unique spot on the list. Out of all the boards on the list, we feel that this one stands out in many ways. The ability to customize this board makes it very appealing for giving gifts if you know someone that might appreciate the military design. A self-leveling hanger keeps this board looking beautiful on any wall.

    Product features

    The Navy cribbage board may be the perfect gift for someone you know. The 12-inch board stores easily on the wall and have built-in felt feet to protect surfaces. Three people can play on this board at the same time.

    Heirloom quality game board

    Do you want a timeless piece that you can pass down to other generations in your family? Are you a sucker for items with rich prestige and heritage? This gift item combines a love of cribbage and the military providing a unique idea for holidays, birthdays, graduations, retirements, and other occasions.

    Board benefits and Drawbacks


    • High-quality materials and construction
    • Lasting lacquer finish
    • Ability to personalize for gift giving
    • Easy storage


    • We are happy to find no bad things about this cribbage board

    When you want something to wow a military enthusiast, the Navy cribbage board may be the right item for you. Do you want to show your support for our troops? We think that you may love this option for your home.

    This creative board option is a great idea for gifts and to show love for the military. We think this a great buy because of the hardwood construction and handmade details.

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    House of Cribbage: Continuous Cribbage Board – Top Simple Pick

    House of Cribbage – Continuous Cribbage Board / Box Inlaid in Rosewood / Maple 12″ – 3 Tracks – Sliding Lid Drawer
    • Type: Continuous 120 points | Tracks: 3 Tracks (3 Players)
    • Board Wood: Rosewood | Inlay Wood: White Maple
    • Board Size: 12.5″ | No. of Pegs included: 9 | Velvet Cover included
    • Type of Pegs: 3 Gold, 3 Silver & 3 Copper Plated Metal Pegs
    • Playing Cards not included (where ever shown in the images)
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    Are you wanting to find a standard cribbage board that lets two or three of you play a quick game or two in the living room while you are watching a movie? Do you want a piece that may work well as a decoration and a playing field? We think this board provides many options.

    Minimal is good

    When you want a game board to sit at the ready, then this pick might be the best one. You can easily set the House of Cribbage Continuous board on any side or coffee table and use it as much as you want. The durable construction will handle heavy gameplay and serve as a decorative piece too. If you want a game board that you can show off and keep ready for head-on competition, then this might just be the pick. The easy pull drawer gives you ample storage space for the pegs. The slides on each side of the peg drawer allow you to tuck away a deck of cards in each.

    Do you like the combination of dark and light wood? Is a simple design more appealing to you? If you answered yes, then this cribbage board might be your favorite out of our Top Nine.


    • Fits well in modern design
    • Convenient size and shape
    • Ample storage for cards and pegs
    • Quality construction


    • Does not support four player gameplay

    If you are searching for a board that is ready for play instead of serving as a focal point, then this option may be the right pick for your home or office. The ability to handle two or three-person play may be appealing for small group competition.

    We think this board is a great piece to start out with when going to college or living in an apartment. The size and design are simple with a robust design to handle hours of play. One of our favorite features is the card storage giving you space for bridge or regular playing cards.

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    Solid Wood Folding Cribbage Set – Top Cheap Model

    Cardinal Industries Solid Wood Folding Cribbage Set (Styles Will Vary)
    • Enjoy a classic game of Cribbage with this sturdy, solid wood set!
    • Great for existing and new fans of cribbage
    • Folding board makes this an easy, portable way to have fun on the go
    • For ages 6 and up
    • 1 wood folding cribbage board, deck of 54 playing cards, multi-colored pegs, illustrated instructions
    • Includes wood game board, plastic playing pegs, deck of playing cards
    • Also includes instructions
    • Fun for entire family
    • Ages 6 Years and above
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    Are you a beginner to the game of cribbage? Do you have kids that want to play the game, but you want something cheap in case it gets broken? The Solid Wood Cribbage Set has many great features that may fit your needs. You may want to want to pass on this model if you have children under the age of three since it has small parts. Some people feel that the design is so cheap that it is ugly, but we think that this model works well as a beginner board.

    Did you know that the original name of cribbage was Noddy? Sir John Suckling wrote poetry and chose the name. You may find that cribbage is just the thing to get the kids off from mobile devices long enough to spend quality time with them.

    Do you like it when things come in tidy little packages? We do too! That is one of the reasons we chose this cribbage board for our Top Nine list. The cards and pegs that come with the game board all store in a convenient box for safekeeping. You can put the box in a closet, drawer, or shelf at just 15 inches in length.


    • Durable and affordable
    • Comes with cards and pegs
    • Storage box with purchase
    • Instructions for beginners


    • Uneven game surface
    • Loose peg holes
    • Lackluster design

    Amazon reviewers felt that the quality of this cribbage set was a reflection of the purchase price. Most are happy with the purchase and feel it was worth the cost. If you are looking for a model with the magnetic storage closers, then this is not the one. It has a plastic tab that holds the doors shut when not in use.

    You may like this board for the affordable price. Many of the people on Amazon felt it was a good buy for what you get in the package. We like it for the price too.

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    Outside Of Canoe Cribbage Board – Top Design Pick

    Outside Inside – Hand Painted Canoe Cribbage Board
    • ADAPTABLE TO ANY SITUATION: Made of hand-painted resin, this cribbage board is the entertainment you need on a rainy-day at home or in camp.
    • PERFECT FOR ALL AGES: This fun game is suited for all ages, and includes six pegs and a compartment underneath for storage.
    • A PERFECT GIFT: The Canoe Cribbage Board makes a great gift for anyone who loves paddling or the outdoors.
    • LIFETIME PROMISE: GSI Outdoors spent over 30 years building quality, performance products and stands behind them 100%. GSI Outdoors warranties all products for the original owner against manufacturing defects for the lifetime of the product.
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    Do you want a stunning way to show your enthusiasm for cribbage? Are you ready to put cribbage as a focal point in your living space? We have a best in design option called the Canoe cribbage board. This creative, boat design is such a fun item that you may find yourself buying more than one to give out to all your friends and family. Storage for the pegs makes this product convenient for travel and display. Some felt the peg holes were not tight or deep enough and let the pegs flop around and fall out during play.

    A few facts to go along with your unique game board

    1. You can get a four card flush.
    2. Three of a kind is worth six points in cribbage.
    3. You can make over two and a half million hands in a game of cribbage.
    4. 15 point combinations are worth double.

    Benefits&Disadvantages of the canoe cribbage board pick


    • Unique design
    • Handy peg storage
    • Convenient size


    • Sloppy peg holes

    You may find yourself creating a new theme in your game or family room with this game item. Do you like items that make good conversation starters? If so, then this is a piece you will want to consider adding to your game collection.

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    Mainstreet Classics Wooden “29” Cribbage Board Game Set – Top Game Display Pick

    Mainstreet Classics Wooden “29” Cribbage Board Game Set
    • Unique “29” designed three-person cribbage board, perfect for playing friends or family while traveling and easy to store
    • Board displays the best possible hand in cribbage, for an objective to constantly struggle to attain
    • Whimsical “29” board also displays an “S” and a double “S” for noticing when an opponent was skunked or double skunked
    • Includes nine colored pegs (three red, three blue, and three green) and slotted channel on underside for peg storage
    • Board’s dimensions: 9-1/2″ L x 7″ W x 5/8″ D, cards not included
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    Do you like having the option to see your hand on the game field? Is a fun design something you steer towards when choosing items for your home? Keep track of skunks and the best hands in cribbage with this game board. Small parts can pose a choking hazard for children under the age of three.

    Fun and innovative board design make this piece a great gift for yourself or someone else. See what your score is no problem.


    Many Amazon buyers felt this was a great product for everyday use and teens or college students due to the irregular hole sizes. This board was not made with the high-quality standards as others higher up on the list, but it serves the purpose well we felt. Use the slot in the back to hold the pegs when not in use.


    • Whimsical design
    • Easy to see score
    • Two or three player game play


    • Low quality
    • Irregular or sloppy holes
    • No room for card storage
    • Comes with plastic pegs

    Buyer’s Guide

    Are you in need of a standard cribbage board? Do you just want something that you can tote around or store quickly when you are not using it? We are sure you will find the 29 game board a fun option.

    Read Verified Customer Reviews on Amazon

    Royal Cribbage Board – Best Cribbage Kit

    Royal Cribbage Board with Cards, Pegs and Dealer Button
    • Walnut Stained Wooden Cribbage Box with Sliding Top
    • Two Decks of High Quality Playing Cards
    • 9 metal Pegs including 3 for each color ( Gold, Silver, Black)
    • One Dealer Button
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    Do you like games with everything included? Do you want a simple game board for fast play? We think the Royal Cribbage Board may be right for you. The game kit comes with two decks of cards, pegs, and the rules. You also get a dealer button.

    Product recommendations

    Your game board comes with ample storage for all the included items. If you want a complete game kit, then this is a great pick. You might find it is helpful for beginners who want to learn the game.


    • Game board, cards, pegs and more included
    • Maple construction
    • Appealing design
    • Metal pegs


    • We found no problems
    Read Verified Customer Reviews on Amazon

    Our recommendations

    We think you may like this kit as a gift for someone special.

    You may want this item if you have kids or want to learn a new game. We feel it is a good item for the cost. Durable maple means the board is sturdy.

    Overall board choice and thoughts

    The cribbage kit may work best for beginners. Children are likely to enjoy the 29 models. For a unique gift option, the Navy cribbage board is very nice. If you like the ability to tote your game, then the House of Cribbage model with inlays of card suits may be the best one for you.

    Cribbage goes back hundreds of years. Families pass down the knowledge of the game as children grow. Cribbage boards like our Top Nine picks provide gift options, personalized ideas, heirloom gifts, affordable playing boards, and something to send to college.


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