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Best Board Games For Kids ?Dice Games

Today, the Internet is the ultimate tool for entertainment and learning. Kids nowadays prefer to explore the world on the web. Still, any parents would want their kids to gain knowledge from everywhere, not just from the screen.

When looking for alternative ways to develop your child, consider board games. Although they might seem old-fashioned, they are highly effective at cultivating and improving the intellectual skills of your children such as reading, basic arithmetic, critical thinking, and much more. With board games, they can practice reading, counting, color recognition, fine motor skills, and much more. The Internet could never compete!

In our article, we will explore board games as a learning tool. Let’s see what are the best options for your children.

Connect 4 – Best Board Game for Kids Who Can’t Yet Read

Hasbro Connect 4 Game
  • Classic Connect 4 game is disc dropping fun
  • Choose yellow or red discs. For 2 players
  • When you get 4 discs in a row you win
  • Includes grid, 2 legs, slider bar, 21 red discs, 21 yellow discs and instructions
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A game that is known and well-loved among all generations, Connect 4 is a sweet throwback to the brightest days of your childhood. It’s a great board game for preschoolers as it requires no reading skills. On the other hand, it will help your kid with counting.

The setup consists of a dotted grid and colorful disks of two colors. Players should put them inside the grid to collect a sequence of four discs — horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The main challenge is that kids take turns, hindering each other’s performance. As soon as the winner emerges, there comes the funniest part: children take out the bottom part of the grid, and all the released disc come out shattering around the table! This feeling of joy and thrill is what makes Connect 4 an eternal classic.

The game components are high-quality and the discs slide in and out smoothly. Connect 4 might be a good introduction to logic and strategy. We’re sure this simple setup has brought lots of fun to you when you were a kid, so your children deserve it, too!


  • ages 6 and up; great fit for preschoolers
  • fast-paced rounds up to 10 minutes
  • no reading skills required
  • develops strategic thinking and counting skills
  • colorful and easy setup
  • extremely simple rules
  • lots of fun for adults, too!


  • available for 2 players only

Candy Land – Tasty Adventures for Non-Readers

Hasbro Gaming Candy Land Kingdom Of Sweet Adventures Board Game For Kids Ages 3 & Up (Amazon Exclusive)
  • CLASSIC BEGINNER GAME: Do you remember playing Candy Land when you were a kid. Introduce new generations to this sweet kid’s board game
  • RACE TO THE CASTLE: Players encounter all kinds of delicious surprises as they move their cute gingerbread man pawn around the path in a race to the castle
  • NO READING REQUIRED TO PLAY: For kids ages 3 and up, Candy Land can be a great game for kids who haven’t learned how to read yet
  • GREAT GAME FOR LITTLE ONES: The Candy Land board game features colored cards, sweet destinations and fun illustrations that kids love
  • Includes game board, 4 pawns, card deck and instructions
  • Sweet version of the classic boardgame features a race to the castle
  • You encounter all kinds of delicious surprises
  • Includes gameboard, 4 pawns, card deck and instructions
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Our second pick is another board game you might probably remember from your childhood ’90s. It’s been many years since its initial launch, but Candy Land keeps the title of an all-time favorite. It attracts kids’ attention with its compelling characters and striking colorful design that some parents, though, consider too busy to navigate. Just one look over the playfield makes your child’s imagination travel to the delicious faraway.

In this simple color-matching game, the kid’s goal is to lead a gingerbread man through a path full of twists and funny surprises. At the end of the round, King Candy expects guests in his magical castle. Whoever gets to him first, wins!

Up to four children can play Candy Land, and each round only lasts 15 minutes, which makes it a nice gift for a pre-schooler. The game is cleverly designed so that non-readers can participate without feeling excluded. Because of that, neuroatypical children adore Candy Land as well.

Although an initial run-through might be necessary for your kids to learn the rules, Candy Land doesn’t require your adult help. It’s the biggest downgrade, really: you won’t find it interesting to join in. On second thought, it means that you’ll get to spend a minute or two on yourself!


  • great for 3-year-olds and up
  • available for 2 to 4 players
  • colorful and tasty design
  • fast-paced 15-minute rounds
  • develops color-matching skills
  • reading skills & adult help not required
  • overall, the best board game for little kids


  • choking hazard for toddlers
  • gets repetitive and boring
  • not a fun time for parents
  • busy playfield background

Zingo! – Text-to-Image Matching Game

ThinkFun Zingo Bingo Award Winning Preschool Game for Pre-Readers and Early Readers Age 4 and Up – One of the Most Popular Board Games for Boys and Girls and their Parents, Amazon Exclusive Version
  • Trusted by Families Worldwide – With over 50 million sold, ThinkFun is the world’s leading manufacturer of brain games and mind challenging puzzles.
  • Develops critical skills – Perfect for pre-readers and early readers, builds language and matching skills in preschool kids through fun, fast-paced play. Zingo is as popular in the classroom with teachers as it is in the home with families!
  • What you get – This is the Amazon exclusive version of the world famous game Zingo, one of ThinkFun’s best games for kids ages 4 and up, and it includes an extra Zingo card so that up to 7 players can play! Also includes a unique Zinger device that delights…
  • Clear instructions – Easy to learn with a clear, high quality instruction manual. You can start playing right away!
  • Award winner – Zingo has won many awards including an Oppenheim Gold, Parents’ Choice Award, ASTRA Best Toys for Kids Award, and is a three time Toy of the Year Nominee, which makes it a great gift for boys and girls ages 4 and up.
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As we know, children learn the best when it’s in a game form. Counting, reading, and even house chores — each of these skills will be instantly improved if you learn it playfully. That’s why when it comes to younger kids, board games are truly effective for their development.

Zingo!is a fun experience that makes the kid associate written words with images. It includes Zingo sheets divided into 9 pictures of different animals, plants, and objects. There is also a stack of single-picture cards, containing names of the depicted items. Load these cards into the dispenser and slide it across the holder to get a couple. If there’s a match, kids should grab a card and place it on top of the same image on the sheet.

The winner is the first player to fill the entire sheet with single-image cards. Also, the children are required to name the item before they place it on the sheet. Because each card is named, they get to learn what the words look and sound like.


  • ages 4 and up
  • extremely easy rules
  • award-winning game for non-readers
  • well-working slider
  • develops reading and text-to-image matching skills
  • plastic-coated cards to prevent any damage


  • Amazon-exclusive edition
  • contains small parts hazardous for toddlers
  • sometimes there are missing tiles
  • 2 players only
  • not particularly interesting for adults

Sequence for Kids – Advanced Connect 4 Version

Sequence for Kids — The ‘No Reading Required’ Strategy Game by Jax
  • The classic game of Sequence made just for kids!
  • Play a card from your hand, and place your chip on the corresponding character on the board – the first with four chips in a row wins!
  • Exciting strategy game helps develop logical thinking skills
  • Reading is not required to play
  • Targets kids ages 3-6, for 2-4 players
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Arguably the best board game for young kids, Sequence introduced an edition for the beginners. You can call it a more advanced version of Connect 4: here, the child’s goal is to connect a four-card line on the board. However, this time an additional challenge was added. Children must draw animal cards from the deck and find the same image on the playfield. It helps them improve their concentration and the ability to distinguish between images.

Still, there’s more to consider. Each animal is depicted twice on the board, so your kid needs to choose between the two. It influences how well a child performs in connecting the four cards. Also, players take turns and break each other’s lines constantly. This is the way they learn to think strategically in favor of their game.

Overall, parents adore the Sequence game, so you might also want to check it up.


  • ages from 3 to 6 years old
  • suitable for 2-4 players
  • no reading skills needed
  • introduction to strategic thinking
  • stunning and eye-catching visuals
  • easy to learn and play


  • beware the choking hazard
  • not particularly interesting for adults
  • the age might be targeted incorrectly: the game’s too hard for 3-year-olds
  • gets repetitive over time

Scrabble – Learn New Words & Spelling

Scrabble Game
  • Classic Scrabble game has the letter tiles and game guide for a wordy showdown
  • Store the tiles In the drawstring bag
  • Every letter counts in Scrabble
  • Includes 1 game board, 100 wooden letter tiles, 4 tile racks, 1 drawstring letter bag and game guide
  • Includes 1 gameboard, 100 wooden letter tiles, 4 tile racks, 1 drawstring letter bag and game guide
  • Store the tiles In the drawstring bag
  • Classic Scrabble game has the letter tiles and game guide for a wordy showdown
  • Store the tiles in the drawstring bag
  • Every letter counts in Scrabble
  • Includes 1 gameboard, 100 wooden letter tiles, 4 tile racks, 1 drawstring letter bag and game guide
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What is the most iconic board game? No wonder if Scrabble has come to your mind. Indeed, it has passed all tests of time. You might like it if you want to boost your kid’s intelligence and spelling skills. Apart from having fun while making words out of given letters, your children will be checking definitions or asking you what some words mean.

This Scrabble edition has everything at handy: a playfield and a bag of wooden letters. Although games today are made significantly cheaper than we remember, this one would still be a huge family evening hit. As it’s a universally enjoyed experience, it would also fit for a party or gaming night with your friends. You’re going to buy it not only for your children but for your own entertainment, too!

This is a game that excites you at any age. Draw letters from a sack, find good vocabulary words to collect points, and hope to score! Your kids will love it. Also, you’ll teach them spelling while they enjoy a round of Scrabble. Their teachers will thank you for that!


  • available for 2-4 players
  • stays relevant for adults, too!
  • improves spelling and reading
  • helps learn new words
  • great for a family evening
  • the set includes a handy sack for letters


  • ages 8 and up: isn’t a match for preschoolers
  • letter tiles get lost easily
  • some parts made of plastic
  • choking hazard
  • the cheaply made version of the classic edition

Battleship with Planes – Join In the Naval Fight!

Battleship With Planes Strategy Board Game For Ages 7 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)
  • A twist on the classic battleship game: This Amazon exclusive battleship game features airplanes in addition to Ships for awesome strategic gameplay and epic battles
  • Sink Ships and crash Planes: with this Amazon exclusive edition, fans of the battleship game can crash enemy Planes in addition to sinking Ships to win
  • Portable Game: the battleship game includes 2 portable battle cases so players can take it with them, and Dive into an instant game on the go
  • A childhood favorite: remember playing the battleship game as a kid? Kids and adults can enjoy playing this entertaining game together. It’s also a great strategy game. Play it in the classroom
  • Convenient storage: The game has convenient ship, plane, and peg storage on the side of the ocean grid
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Do you remember playing battleship at the back of your classroom? Guessing ships’ locations on the grid was the most favorite game among children of the ’90s. Back then, you needed only two pieces of paper, a pen or a pencil for some quality fun time. Today, Hasbro Gaming offers a full set so that your children can also get in touch with this all-timer!

Battleship with Planes is a board game based on the one you’ve played as a child. But this time, apart from sinking the enemy ships, you can shoot down planes as well. It comes in two cases containing tiny ships, planes of different caliber, and dotted maps: one for your objects and one for your opponent’s. If your missile has hit a quadrant with a ship or a plane, mark the map with red and white pointers.

Because some basic understanding of naval fights and air combats is needed to play this board game, Battleship with Planes is more oriented on schoolchildren. However, it doesn’t require reading skills and only slightly uses counting. On the other hand, strategic thinking gets much more improved as the kids get to plan out their attacks.

Overall, your children will love this game. You might also appreciate having a round or two. It’s what makes Battleship with Planes the best board game for kids and adults.


  • no reading skills needed
  • good for preschoolers
  • a new look on the classics
  • good quality materials
  • stop the game just by closing the lid
  • now with planes!


  • 2 players only
  • choking hazard for toddlers
  • adult help in assembling the set needed
  • bulky setups

Sorry – Character-Building Experience for Your Child

Sorry Board Game, Game Night, Ages 6 and up (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Practice counting and sportsmanship in race for the finish.
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When in search of the best math board game for kids, you might get interested in Sorry — where you race across the playfield trying to get home first. Each player has 4 pawns that should make their way from the beginning till the very end, one after one. Nevertheless, there’s a challenge: the cards your draw might tell you to go back or forward. Also, your pawn can get on the slider and past the home base. So there’s nothing you can do but go across the board again!

As there’s lots of ill luck in this game, a win can slip through your fingers at the very last moment. Some children can’t even stand the frustration. However, Sorry! helps with building a strong character: eventually, the kids will develop a better attitude. Knowing that there are “ups” and “downs” in anybody’s life, it will be easier for them to take losing gracefully.

Apart from engaging children in the character-building experience, Sorry! makes them practice counting more. Some users of Amazon noticed they’ve seen improvements in their kids’ counting skills. Finally, the rules are easy to grasp, so it’s a good match for board game beginners.


  • 2 to 4 players required
  • practices counting and strategic thinking skills
  • suitable for non-reading kids
  • ages 6 and older
  • adults are welcome to join in


  • hazardous to little children
  • gets repetitive over time
  • might cause a tear or two

Operation – What if Your Kid Becomes a Doctor

Operation Electronic Board Game With Cards Kids Skill Game Ages 6 and Up (Amazon Exclusive)
  • CHALLENGING AND FUN KIDS BOARD GAME: Players get to be “the doctor” and make Cavity Sam better or get the buzzer. Easy-grab ailment pieces and large openings help make gameplay fun for kids 6 and up
  • SKILL AND COORDINATION: Players use their skill and coordination to remove the patient’s “ailments” with the tweezers. Collect the most money by successfully removing the Funatomy parts to win
  • INCLUDES DOCTOR CARDS AND SPECIALIST CARDS: Earn money if your removal of the Funatomy part didn’t set off the buzzer. If it did, it’s not a success and players get to use their Specialist card
  • CHILDHOOD MEMORIES: This Operation game with classic gameplay is similar to what many people remember from their childhood. Introduce a new generation to this silly, electronic board game for kids
  • FUN AND UNPREDICTABLE GAMEPLAY: The game features a surprising buzzer and a flashing nose when a player hits the sides with the tweezers
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The electronic board game Operation is another example of childhood classics that passed the test of time. Have you ever considered your child might become a doctor? With this game, you can introduce your kid to medical sciences and bring the inspiration to learn more about the difficult yet fascinating specialty.

The playfield looks like a human body. A patient named Sam complains of some fun diseases: for example, he has brain freeze and butterflies in the stomach, to name the few. The child’s main task is to extract tiny items from the cavities: they are the reason for the patient’s poor health. If kids succeed, they get paid with paper money for each operation. The winner is the one who extracts the most items from the cavities, i.e. gets the biggest paycheck.

But there’s a twist: you can’t touch the edges! Otherwise, Sam’s nose will light up with a loud buzzer, and it will be the next player’s turn.

As a parent, you might worry that the Operation looks too graphic. However, just looking at Sam is enough to calm down. The game set is designed in a funny cartoon style that attracts children and invites them to play. Also, Operation forms a concept of medicine and human anatomy, improves your kid’s counting and fine motor skills. After all, nostalgia and sweet childhood memories are a good foundation for a further choice of career.


  • ages: 6+
  • great one-player experience
  • simple intuitive gameplay
  • helps develop counting and fine motor skills
  • funny introduction to health science
  • adults can join in
  • doesn’t require reading skills


  • choking hazard
  • small parts are easy to lose
  • after a couple of rounds, gets repetitive and boring
  • the setup is too lightweight and easy to push off the side

The Game of Life – Money Management and Basic Life Concepts

Hasbro Gaming The Game of Life Board Game Ages 8 & Up (Amazon Exclusive)
  • Great family game: Do you remember playing this classic Hasbro board game from your childhood,with instant setup and easy play, this exclusive edition is great fun to play when the family is together
  • Life is full of adventures: This edition of the game of life game includes 115 cards offering exciting choices As players move through the twists and turns of life
  • Choose an interesting career: Players can choose from 31 Career cards featuring unusual or quirky careers such as ice cream flavor Maker or a secret Agent
  • Choose an awesome vacation: Take a ski trip, a safari, or go snorkeling in a coral Reef Choose an awesome vacation from adventurous to relaxing
  • Play spin to win: Who’s bound for instant wealth and fortune. Play spin to win and find out. At the end, players pay debts, add up the wealth, and whoever has the most money at the end of the game wins
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The Game of Life is an ultimate board game classic that prepares children for an exciting future. Here, players choose a career for themselves, start a family and go through the playing field until the very end, that is retirement. The Game of Life forms a general idea of family relationships, career growth, childbirth, finances, vacations, and other essential life processes.

The original game has always been an excellent entertainment for several hours. However, in comparison to The Game of Life you’ve played in your childhood ’90s, this edition does not stand any chance. The set is of poor quality, the action cards change the mood of the round, and finance management is completely eliminated from the gameplay. And although this is not the best family board game for kids, it does still deserve a try.


  • available for 2-4 players
  • develops counting skills
  • introduces kids to basic concepts of insurance, banking, career, etc.
  • action cards make children sing, dance, jump or do other actions
  • includes a spinner


  • ages 8 and older; doesn’t fit for preschoolers
  • requires the help of an adult when assembling
  • only available at Amazon
  • a poor version of the original Game of Life
  • no money management required
  • you’ll get bored after one round
  • poorly made spinner

Guess Who? – Improve Your Kid’s Memory

Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game
  • Features tabletop game boards and game pieces
  • Players try to guess each other’s mystery character
  • For 2 players
  • Includes 2 game boards, 48 face cards, 24 mystery cards, 2 scorekeepers, and instructions
  • Can you Guess the other player’s mystery character
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The last board game in our list, Guess Who? has sparked controversies all over Amazon. However, the idea behind this game seems cute and harmless.

The set comes with 2 cases and contains 48 portraits of funny characters. Kids install these pictures in small “windows” facing them away from each other. One player makes up a character, and the other tries to guess what’s on the opponent’s mind using simple yes-no questions. During the game, players close “windows” with characters that don’t fit the description. If you guess the mystery character right, you win!

As you can see, Guess Who? is made of caricatures. But some Amazon reviewers noticed strong racial connotations behind these pictures. Also, in the previous edition, there were significantly fewer female characters. Thankfully, this ratio is already fixed.

The quality of this setup is not the same as in your childhood. Cards are said to be too thin, and the “windows” don’t close with a satisfying snap. Actually, it’s a miracle if they ever close. Overall, this Guess Who? edition might be unable to bring you the sweet childhood memories and would only annoy you instead.


  • suitable for 6-year-olds and older
  • logic skills & memory development


  • for 2 players only
  • the set is cheaply made
  • cards are too thin and fall out a lot
  • questionable race portrayal
  • the controversial story behind the game

How We Tested Board Games

When compiling a rating, the children’s opinions are undoubtedly the most important. Kids are real experts in fun and entertainment. Usually, they love games with flashy colors that make a lot of noise. Loud, vibrant arcades capture their attention the best.

We recommend that the game has got fast-paced rounds: the younger your kid, the shorter each round should be. Usually, it’s difficult for children to concentrate on one task for a long time. So the high-speed gameplay prevents them from getting tired.

Apart from the kids’ opinion, parents’ observations are crucial as well. How children of different ages develop their skills as they play board games? How do they respond to different ideas? Only parents can answer these questions.

Any parent would prefer the game that improves children’s skills: reading, counting, logical thinking, color distinguishing, and so on. Depending on the kid’s age, games can get more complex. For example, older children can be introduced to the basics of anatomy, as in the Operation board game. Other games introduce basic concepts of ecology, botany, banking, finance, etc.

Finally, many of us remember some board games from our childhood. Modern manufacturers tend to save on materials, which is why the setups lose their solidity and feel cheaper than before. Indeed, our children deserve the quality we remember, not the quality manufacturers try to offer. So the more the game matches our memories, the higher it is on the list: our nostalgia is the last defining factor.

Buyer’s Guide for Parents

To choose the best game for your child, pay attention to the following factors.

  1. Your kid’s age. Board games for preschoolers are different from the ones created for older children. That’s why there are several age categories. Typically, children from 3 years old do not know how to read and count, so they need simple games to study shapes and colors. Preschoolers from 6 years old have already learned those skills, hence such games are more advanced. Finally, 8-years-olds can understand more complex rules and concepts, so they might be more interested in strategies.
  2. Skills required for the game. As a parent, you know exactly what skills your child needs to practice. If you notice that your little angel isn’t good at math, choose a game that would make your child count a lot. If your baby doesn’t have a good time reading, find a board game that encourages reading.
  3. Child’s character. For example, calmer low-tempo games are suitable for kids who can sit still for more than 5 minutes. On the other hand, fidgets will appreciate games with shorter rounds.

FAQ: Best New Board Games for Kids

In this article, we’ve tried to provide you with a complete overview; nevertheless, some questions were left untouched. So we have compiled a short Q&A section to help you find the answers. Enjoy!

Aren’t competitive board games too stressful for a child?

There is a common belief among parents that the stress of losing and failing is harmful to the kids’ psyche. That’s why moms and dads tend to shelter their children even from the smallest hardships, which is, of course, an understandable desire to protect their loved ones. Still, competition and defeat are an integral part of our lives. If you want your little angel to take losses calmly and gracefully, board games will help you turn a competitive element into lots of fun.

What is the best cooperative board game for kids?

Although we did not mention this genre on our list, there are many options for your children to practice teamwork. For instance, Race to the Treasure is one of the best cooperative board games for kids. Another example is Outfoxed. A cooperative game will teach your children to unite and move towards a goal through joint efforts.

How can board games improve kids’ counting, reading, etc. skills?

Children, especially toddlers, learn the best when playing a game. That’s why board games are a great way to develop their skills. They encourage kids to practice their reading, counting, strategic thinking, etc. in a playful manner. It’s much more engaging than a long hour of a boring study!

What is the best strategy board game for kids?

Among the games we’ve mentioned, try Sequence and Battleship: your kids will appreciate the strategic aspects and improve their logic skills. Apart from that, Ticket to Ride is an all-time favorite.

Will neuroatypical children appreciate board games?

When looking for a fitting board game, remember: kids love bright colors, simple stories, and compelling characters. Also, when the rounds run fast, players don’t get bored as easily. That’s why children with special needs are typically gravitating towards the board games that are targeted for the younger audiences. Overall, Candy Land is the most recommended gift for a neuroatypical kid.


In general, the market is full of board games of all themes, designs, and complexity levels. The best advice we can give you, a parent, is to choose wisely. You are the only person who knows what your children need the most. Any learning and entertainment should be based on their interests.

We hope our article has become your guide to the complicated world of board games for children. Thank you for reading!


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