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Best Board Games For Couples 🎲Dice Games

If you have run out of imagination and do not know how to surprise your beloved, the best board games for couples might open for you a new world of fun and excitement!

They might help you get to know each other better, discover new qualities in yourself and your partner, and look at each other from a new perspective.

Board\card games for couples might positively affect your relationships and mutual understanding. They bring them fresh sensations and positive emotions, which are sometimes so lacking in everyday life.

In this article, we have gathered 10 best board games for couples that are great to play at home, on a date or on the road!

What is The Best Board Games for Adults in 2020?

Best for Couples Night

Quick games

Compact and minimalistic design

Chips that are made of high quality and durable materials

Best for 2 Players

«Cosy» design

Familiar Tetris mechanic

Best Romantic Game

Easy rules

Hight replayability

Hive – Best Board Game for Couples Night

Best Choice
JSGJZY Game Hive Board Game 2 Players Family/Party Parents Children Funny Game Entertainment Made Wooden
  • 1)Package Size :20cm*14cm*5cm
  • 2)Weight:500g
  • 3)Material:Wooden
  • 4)Option:1 kinds
  • 5)Color:As picture
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In 2001, John Tianni developed a simple abstract game called «Hive» and quickly became one of the most famous game designers in the world. This game perfectly represents a famous phrase, «All the great things are simple.»

The game «Hive» includes 22 hexagonal chips with insect pictures on them. 11 pieces for each team. Placing chips next to each other, as well as moving insects according to special rules, players form a hive. There is also a special bag for storing chips and rules in the box. In this game you do not need any field, you can play «Hive» on any surface.

The goal of the game is to completely surround the queen of the opponent’s hive while protecting your own. The game is very similar to chess.

The Hive board game has three official additions – Hive: The Mosquito, Hive: The Ladybug and Hive: Pillbug. Each of them contains one more pair of insects. Moreover, there is a black and white version, called «Hive Carbon» that already includes additions «Hive: The Mosquito» and «Hive: The Ladybug». It was originally designed for people with poor vision, who cannot distinguish pictures on chips. At first, «Hive Carbon» was just a limited edition but it quickly became very popular. Now you can buy it as easily as the original version.


  • Quick games (15-30 minutes)
  • Compact and minimalistic design
  • Beautiful pictures of insects
  • Chips that are made of high quality and durable materials


  • Only for 2 players
  • It takes time to understand the rules

Review: «A high-quality game. The material of chips is unbelievable. It seems they are made from bone. The rules are simple but you need some time to practice. Hive reminds me of an easier variant of chess because it has a great strategic component. At the same time, the game is fun because of colorful insects».

Patchwork Board Game – Best 2 Player Board Game for Couples

Editor choice
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    Patchwork is a type of needlework when individual pieces of fabric are sewn together. This creates a unique pattern, different in color, texture and materials.

    In the game Patchwork, you and your opponent have to sew patchwork blankets. The game requires not only time but also spatial imagination, savvy and calculating. The game is very similar to Tetris.

    Each player receives a box-sized field. By the end of the game, it should be filled with scraps (called tiles) of different shapes and sizes. If players need to buy new scraps, they use buttons that play the role of currency.

    Simple rules make this game a masterpiece among board games. One game lasts only 20-30 minutes, but it will be difficult to stop.

    According to users of the world’s largest desktop games portal, the game is TOP-50 and in 2014 became the best abstract game.


    • «Cosy» design
    • Familiar Tetris mechanic


    • Requires a lot of space
    • Monotonous

    Jaipur – Best Simple Board Game for Couples

    • A classic, award-winning card game by Sebastian pauchon
    • New, beautiful artwork by Vincent Dutrait. Same great gameplay
    • Easy to learn game that offers a lot of depth and strategy.
    • The first game in space cowboy 2-player collection.
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    Jaipur is a best-rated duel game, which has already become classic. Released in 2009, the game has collected lots of awards at various prestigious competitions.

    Jaipur is a city in India, which is also called the Pink City because of the pink stones, used in the building. It is the world’s largest center for semiprecious stones cutting. It is also a home for craftsmen who will offer you their works, colorful fabrics, inexpensive and beautiful handmade jewelry, precious and semiprecious stones.

    In the Jaipur game, two merchants compete who will be the sole supplier of goods for Maharaja. The main goal of the game is to earn as many points as possible. To do this, you need to sell goods on the market – to change cards with goods on chips with rupees. Only one action can be performed at a time. You may either sell one type of product on the market, exchange one product for another, or increase your herd of camels (camels are used as a reserve during the exchange) and thereby «revive» your trade.

    The rules of the Jaipur game are so simple that even a child or a person who is not familiar with board games can understand them. It will not take more than 10 minutes to figure them out. The compact size allows you to take the game on the road, and the short duration of the game allows you to play even if you do not have much time.


    • Easy rules
    • Colorfully decorated cards and chips in Oriental style
    • Compact size
    • Quick games


    • Designed exclusively for two players

    Review: «Finally, I bought and tried this game. It costs its money: the cards and chips are high-quality. A perfect option for those who don’t like long economic games. In Jaipur, there is a possibility for trading but, at the same time, the game is short. We play together with my wife, she also likes it. I highly recommend it.»

    Carcassonne – Great Game with Medieval Theme



    Carcassonne Board Game Standard
    • Completely redesigned rulebook to make learning the game easier
    • Introduces the Abbot mini expansion and a new version of the river
    • Game and expansions have sold over 10 million copies worldwide
    • 2 – 5 players
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    The game is dedicated to the capture of territories around the large castle of Carcassonne in France. Players are in the role of feudal lords who explore the surrounding lands, take control of roads, build monasteries and cities.

    In «Carcassonne» the rules are really simple. In their turn, the player should take a cardboard square with a medieval landscape and place it on the table to the already laid out squares according to the domino principle. The new square should continue the existing picture of the world – a road joins a road, a pasture with another pasture, a city wall – with its other section.

    The game has a key strategic moment – a player has to decide where to place another square of land. There is a choice: to complete one of their objects, continue to develop other objects, or make difficulties for the opponents.

    Сarcassonne has lots of additions. For example, Inns and Cathedrals, Traders and Builders, The River, The Abbot, The Flying Machines, The Messengers, The Ferries, The Gold Mines, Mage & Witch, The Robbers, The Crop Circles.


    • Bright and beautiful design
    • Not only for 2 players (2-5)


    • Hard to count points
    • Requires a lot of space
    • Small number of game elements

    Review: «I wanted to buy a new board game but there are so many nowadays that simply I couldn’t choose. But then I read a few reviews of Carcassonne I decided to buy it. And I was right! This game is awesome. One of the best games in my collection!»

    Pandemic – Best Cooperative Board Game for Couples

    Pandemic: Legacy Season 1 (Blue Edition)
    • For 2 to 4 Players
    • 60 minute playing time
    • Shape the world, the characters, and even the diseases
    • Ever changing elements means that every game will be unique to your group
    • An epic twist on the now classic Pandemic mechanisms
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    Pandemic is a cooperative board game in which you have to deal with deadly viruses. As you know, dangerous viruses spread very quickly and threaten humanity. Your task, together with other players, is to stop the spread of disease, develop a cure, and help people before the virus infects a critical number of people.

    Unlike most board games, in Pandemic, players do not have to confront each other. There is only one enemy, but it is so dangerous that they have to fight together. Each player has the opportunity to make an invaluable contribution to the fight against the epidemic.

    The game field is the Earth with large cities. But it is not as colorful as you used to see it. Now the planet is gray and gloomy. There are four types of diseases, each of which is marked by cubes of different colors: blue, red, yellow, black. And, accordingly, for each disease, you need to find a panacea.

    In this game you have to establish research stations, treat diseases, share knowledge, and invent medicines.

    And if you liked the Pandemic game, you might pay attention to its additions and other games in this series. For example, the addition «Pandemic: On the Brink!» is suitable for 5 players, adds 6 roles, 8 events, and 3 tests: Virulent strain, Mutation, and Bioterrorist. And an independent game «Pandemic: Legacy» will change with every new game. The consequences of your decisions will be reflected in the future, each attempt to defeat the virus will change the game, its rules, and even characters.


    • Unusual theme
    • The appearance of the game


    • No competition between players
    • Not interesting to play more than one time
    • Takes lots of time

    Guillotine – Board Game with Unusual Theme

    • 30 minute playing time
    • Fast paced and fun
    • 100 playing cards, rules
    • Easy to learn
    • Tons of replay value
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    One of the most unusual games for couples. The game is set during the French Revolution. The main task is to execute the nobles. In three rounds, you should cut down the heads of 12 characters. There are many of them: a regent, a chief of the guard, a heretic, and even a fool. Each character brings from one to five victory points.

    Guillotine is a card game without any other components. Game cards are divided into two types, a deck of nobility and a deck of actions. There is also an auxiliary card with the image of the guillotine. It helps to find out which of the nobility is closer to losing their head and who will live a little bit longer.

    Players interact with each other, using cards. The goal of the game is to change the order in the guillotine line so that the guiltiest people are executed by you, and the most innocent by your opponents. The game process is intensified by action cards. Using them, players can harm their rivals, get some bonuses for themselves, or swap noblemen in the line.

    From 2 to 5 people can participate in this game. The duration of one game is about 20-30 minutes.


    • Unusual theme


    • Only for those who love dark humor
    • More interesting to play in bigger companies (3-4 players)

    Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective – Detective Board Game for 2 Players

    Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective – Baker Street Irregulars
    • Baker Street Irregulars features ten brand new cases written by a British specialist of Sherlock Holmes. Players embody the Irregulars, the young kids helping the most famous detective ever during his investigations.
    • Stand alone game.
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    «Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. Baker Street Irregulars», released in 2020, is a new version of a popular board game «Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective».

    It’s an exciting detective board game for 1-8 people, in which you need to help Sherlock Holmes to solve different crimes. The deductive method master has already solved all the mysteries without leaving his office, but you, as young and inexperienced students, have to conduct your investigation, interrogate witnesses, and make your own conclusion.

    In the beginning, players choose the case they want to solve. The authors recommend taking them in chronological order. The team then decides whether they will play in the cooperative or individually, each for themselves. The game is unusual because it has no dice, cards, or chips – only your logic and ability to search for information.

    The board game “Sherlock Holmes: Detective Consultant” will be especially interesting to the fans of Artur Conan Doyle’s books.


    • A possibility to become a detective
    • Interesting cases


    • It is difficult to solve cases
    • The game is expensive
    • Lots of time to read clues

    Dominion – Best Classic Board Game for Couples

    Rio Grande Games DOMINION庐 Base Game – Board Game for All The Family, Second Edition (German Language) 22501413
    • Age: for children from 13 years of age.
    • Game duration: approx. 30 minutes.
    • Number of players: 2 – 4.
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    Dominion is a classic board game. Founded in 2008 by the genius Donald Vaccarino (also the author of the famous “Kingdom Builder”), the game later became a nominee, laureate and winner of several dozen competitions. It was also recognized as a game of the year in the USA, Germany, the Czech Republic Belgium, Japan. Despite the respectable age, the game is still in the top 100 of the most prestigious ranking of board games on the BoardGameGeek website.

    The game takes players to medieval Europe, where they will expand and develop their property. As in the real world, in Dominion, you also cannot live without money. So, players should think about their capital as soon as possible and try to spend it properly. Also, players need to be prepared for various intrigues, enemy attacks, and even curses.

    In Dominion, players have to make their own deck of cards out of several hundred available. At the beginning of the game, participants have the same sets of cards, but later each deck becomes unique. There are three main types of cards in the game: victory cards (give winning points but do not benefit the game), treasure cards (give money to buy new cards), kingdom cards (allow the player to do something).


    • Not only for 2 players (2-4)
    • Portable size


    • Average card quality
    • Easy to start, hard to master
    • Hard-written rules

    The Castles Of Burgundy – Strategic Game for Long Nights

    Ravensburger The Castles of Burgundy Board Game – Fun Strategy Game That’s Easy to Learn and Play with Great Replay Value
    • FUN PLAY EXPERIENCE – In The Castles of Burgundy, players collect game-deciding victory points via trading, livestock farming, city building, or scientific research. The player with the most victory points in the end is the winner.
    • HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS – This board game comes with 164 six-sided tiles, 42 goods tiles, 20 Silverlings, 30 worker tiles, 12 bonus tiles, victory point tiles, playing pieces, dice, game board, player boards.
    • GREAT REPLAY VALUE – Playing time is 30-90 minutes, for 2-4 players.
    • EASY TO UNDERSTAND INSTRUCTIONS – High quality, easy to understand instructions make it easy to start playing right away. French instructions also included.
    • LONG TERM QUALITY – Ravensburger has been making products for the hand, head, and heart for over 130 years.
    Last update on 2020-04-22 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    The events of “The Castles of Burgundy” take place in the region of medieval France. Players, acting as aristocrats, rule small kingdoms. They build settlements and castles, engage in river trade, manage mines. During the game, players earn winning points. Whoever gets more points, wins the game.

    The game lasts five phases, each phase consists of five rounds. Before the start, players prepare the field. They should remove excess counters, place new goods, etc. Then they throw their personal dice at the same time and, depending on the number, needs and wishes, make decisions. By developing different industries and performing tasks, players get winning points.

    The game ends after the fifth phase. Then players count their points. The player with the highest score becomes the greatest aristocrat and wins the game.


    • Affordable price
    • Complexity and variability


    • Dull design and pictures
    • Difficult rules for beginners
    • Games up to 2 hours

    Azul – Best Romantic Board Game for Couples

    Azul: Crystal Mosaic
    • Enhance the beauty and presentation with acrylic player boards
    • Challenging new double sided player boards!
    • Includes 4 Player Boards Overlay / 4 New Player boards / 1 Rulebook / **Tiles not included
    • 2-4 Players | Ages 8+ | 30-45 Minutes Playing Time
    • PLEASE NOTE: Azul Base Game Required
    Last update on 2020-04-22 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    The board game “Azul” was invented in 2017 by the German game designer Michael Kisling.

    According to the legend, the Portuguese King Manuel I, visiting the Alhambra Palace in South Spain, was fascinated by the beauty of Mauritanian decorative tiles. He immediately ordered to decorate his palace in Portugal with similar tiles.

    In this game players receive colored tiles and place them on their game tablets. They earn points, depending on the position of their tiles. Additional points are given for certain patterns and tilesets. Players lose points for unused material. The game continues until someone collects at least one horizontal line of five tiles. The player with the most winning points wins.


    • Easy rules


    • Expensive
    • Design problems: tiles slide on a cardboard tablet
    • Monotonous

    Buyer’s Guide

    It’s time to turn off the TV and switch to a fun, active, useful, and interesting pastime – board games for couples. There is not always a desire and opportunity to gather a large company to play games. But this problem can be easily solved by no less exciting and interesting board/card games for couples. They will turn even an ordinary evening into an unforgettable relaxation.

    But there are so many different board games nowadays that it can be difficult to choose the right one. To make your choice easier, we will give you a few tips:

    1. Imagine when and where you are going to play the game. It is important because many board games require lots of space. There is also a big chance that some small details can be missed. So, you will not be able to play such games on the road or on a picnic. For these cases, compact or card games will be more suitable. For example, Guillotine, DOMINION.
    2. Number of players. Even some board games for couple can be suitable for more than 2 players. For example, Carcassonne, Guillotine, Pandemic, The Castles of Burgundy.
    3. The amount of time you have is also important. Some games last 15 minutes, and others for more than 3 hours. Such games as The Castles of Burgundy, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Pandemic need much more time than Dominion, Guillotine, Hive.
    4. Some games require a certain atmosphere that should not cause any discomfort for players. For example, such games as Pandemic or Guillotine can be inappropriate for some people.
    5. It is important to check the quality of any board game. Ill-considered design, low-quality materials of cards, chips, cardboard can easily spoil the first impression. Especially, if the game was expensive.


    Is there a new edition of «Jaipur»?

    Yes. At the end of January 2019, Space Cowboys Company (best known for the «T.I.M.E. Stories» games and the «Splendor» project) acquired the rights from the Swiss GameWorks Sàrl Company for the board games «Jamaica» and «Jaipur». The legendary «Jaipur» has received a new design. The illustrations were developed by Vincent Dutrait. It is easy to recognize the new edition by the box. It used to be green but now it is yellow.

    What is the difference between«Hive» and «Hive Carbon»?

    «Hive Carbon» is the same game as «Hive», but unlike the original version, this one already includes additions «Hive: The Mosquito» and «Hive: The Ladybug », and most importantly, all chips became monochrome. John Yanni (author of the game) once received a letter from a boy, who likes to play but cannot distinguish figures because of poor vision. John released an edition with a very contrasting black and white range of colors.

    What is the difference in «Pandemic: Legacy» red and «Pandemic: Legacy» blue box?

    There is no difference. The contents of the two boxes are identical. The red and blue boxes are designed for people who want to launch two campaigns at the same time, for example, with two different game groups. It will help to distinguish between games.

    What is the difference between «Carcassonne» and «Carcassonne Big Box»?

    Unlike the classic «Carcassonne» game, «Carcassonne Big Box» contains not only the main game but also the following additions: Inns and Cathedrals, Traders and Builders, The River, The Abbot, The Flying Machines, The Messengers, The Ferries, The Gold Mines, Mage & Witch, The Robbers, The Crop Circles.

    Has anyone played «The Castles of Burgundy» card version? How do they compare?

    «Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game» is a modified version of the famous board game, which has turned into a full card game. All dice and hexagons have turned into cards. Points should not be counted at the very end of the game anymore. But the layout and design of the card game are clearly (as far as possible) repeating its classical parent.

    The Tests

    For our first round of testing, we looked threw the most popular and famous board games that have received positive reviews for the past decade. Many of them have also won lots of prestige awards. We analyzed all of them and separated games that require only two players. Then we tested them. We played each game, studied the rules, tested the quality of the material, and eventually chose 10 best board and card games that can be suitable for couples. After tabulating our first round of scores, we arranged these 10 games from the best to the worst one and distinguished their pros and cons.


    Many people think that it is not interesting to play board games without a big and fun company. However, in this article, we have tried to gather some good games for two players that might vary the evening with your beloved.

    Board games might help you to understand each other better, learn how to work in a team and simply brighten your time. Choosing games for couples, it is important to remember that both of you should like the game. If your partner does not want to play, you won’t have fun either.

    Another great option is games that can be suitable for 2+ players. In this case, there is always a choice to play the same game either in a noisy company or with your boyfriend/girlfriend.


    I love playing Board games with my family and friends. Tell you about the best Board game I found.

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