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Do you remember getting lost in the arcade? Do you remember collecting tickets and exchanging them for a prize? What about saving money and giving them to cashier for arcade coins? Air hockey is almost everyone’s favorite arcade, and sometimes you even have to wait until it’s free and the table belongs to you only. Grab the pushers, put a coin in, and let’s go!

Life of an arcade junkie is so much easier now. If you were addicted to air hockey in your childhood or just want to entertain your children or grandchildren, you can just purchase your own arcade dream. From now on, all your parties will be lots of fun.

Since it’s very hard to choose an air hockey table, we are eager to help you. In the article, you will learn how to find the best air hockey table under $500 (or above, if you are a real pro). We will cover air hockey tables for two players only, as this is the perfect size, and even the very best 4 player air hockey tables require lots of free space.

What Is The Best Air Hockey Table To Buy In 2020?

Best Air Hockey Table For The Money

Best Air Hockey Table For Home Basement

Best 3 In 1 Air Hockey Table

Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Game Table – Have Some Fun with Your Kids

  • UPGRADED FEATURES – A more stable electronic scorer that ensures uninterrupted fun. Wider goals for easy puck retrieval without any worry of hurting your hands. Faster fan speed for more exciting game plays. Enjoy your air hockey tournaments with family, friends or loved ones.
  • COMPACT DESIGN – Just the right size hockey table. It is space saving and fits most size rooms, while the playfield is spacious that you dont compromise the fun. Game table dimensions (goals excluded): 48 L x 24 W x 31 H inches; Playing surface dimensions: 47 L x 23…
  • STABLE, RELIABLE AND COMES WITH ACCESSORIES – This adult air hockey table stands on thick, L-shaped legs with leg levelers. The electronic scoring unit operates on 2 AAA batteries (batteries not included) and can withstand even the most intense matches. Air hockey table comes with 2 sets of orange, 75mm…
  • MANUFACTURER WARRANTY – Your table will arrive with all the necessary parts, without defect and/or shipping damage. Well ship new replacement parts or an entirely new table at no cost in the event of defect or damage. If you still arent satisfied, youll get a full refund. We also offer…
  • DESIGNED AND ENGINEERED BY HARVIL – All Harvil items are designed and engineered by creative people right here in the USA. We are a family business and we design our products to be enjoyed by family and friends. Even though many of these items are manufactured in Asia, we are…
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Harvil is really proud of this table that has got everything for an exciting air hockey game. First and foremost, Harvil thinks about your free space, so this table is really compact to fit every home: you can put it in the living area, in the nook of the playroom, or in the car garage. The absence of free space does not mean you have to refuse your chance to score your first goal.

With the help of electronic scorer, every point will be collected and you don’t have to get distracted with arguing and calculating. Thanks to Harvil engineers and designers, each part of this table is made for you and your comfort. Different players have different heights, so the game table can be leveled effortlessly. After only several steps of setup, let the game begins!

You have the manufacturer’s word that \ your air hockey arcade table will not move even during the most intense game sessions: its L-shaped legs are thick enough to be stable and valid. However, this air hockey table is not perfect for outdoor tournaments as it’s not that steady to stand on grass or soil.

Indeed, this game table has got everything you wanted, including 2 sets of pushers and pucks for free. So stop hesitating if you should buy anything extra.

Harvil does not forget the comfort of parents and this air hockey game table is not loud so they can have a conversation, have an eye on the results, and cheer.


  • high quality to price ratio
  • perfect table size for any space
  • full set of accessories to start at once
  • easy setup without professional assistance
  • arcade sounds aren’t too loud or annoying
  • full electronic system to calculate scores
  • blower motor with higher airspeed than other Harvil models
  • great customer service provided by Harvil


  • lack of stability: not an option for outdoors
  • the electronic scorer is poorly designed and may cause problems
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Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table – Tiny Sport Table for Your Children

Playcraft Sport 40-Inch Table Top Air Hockey
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    Sophisticated yet simple look? Great for a car, but not for a game table. They are usually bright-colored, made of neon plastic to catch your attention. However, Playcraft challenged this principle and created its air hockey table of 40-inch that will look good in any interior. The main elements look like wood equipped with plastic of high quality.

    Playcraft Air Hockey Table might not be the one and only game table you were looking for to buy it once and for all, holding air hockey tournaments at home each weekend. Instead, it’s a great present for your children to catch their breaths and spend hours fighting each other.

    This air hockey table is a perfectly built time-eater that you can put on the table, on the floor on even on the bed without any worries. It has everything to keep your toddlers busy, but for elder children, it can look too tiny or unrealistic. Don’t waste all the effort you put into instilling a love for sports in your teenagers!

    This model has all accessorize necessary, including pushers and pucks, but they are very small compared to adult pushers. Be careful and don’t lose them: Playcraft created them just for this model of the gaming table!

    Make your children or grandchildren happy, and when the playtime is over, just put this air hockey away to save space. It’s that easy as this table may be the best small air hockey table you can purchase online.


    • fully portable, does not require any stable place
    • wood imitation plastic to fit any room design
    • decent model for its low price
    • curve angles comfortable for game and important for children safety


    • due to its size, designed mostly for children of young age
    • air blower not powerful enough
    • table designed only for accessorizing from Playcraft
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    Triumph Fire ‘n Ice – Game of Tables

    Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54” Air Hockey Table Includes 2 LED Hockey Pushers and LED Puck
    • Play new and exciting lights out air hockey with the light up pucks and pushers
    • Table features light up corners that flash when goals are scored
    • Keep track of the action with LED electronic and abacus scoring
    • Four leg cross braces provide additional support and stability
    • Includes: 2 LED hockey pushers (one red, one blue) and one LED puck
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    Do not expect Fire ‘n Ice to be a prequel to the Game of Thrones series. It’s nothing but a new Triumph table for air hockey. Do we have to say in terms of design, Triumph is a Boeing among them all?

    Every move, score, and strike are accompanied by light effects and flashes like in a real sports game. So when you hit a point, expect everything to be illuminated. LED lights help with keeping track and accompany the air hockey experience until you win or lose.

    This table is exceptionally steady. It fits adults and their sometimes uncontrollable emotions, so even if you push it in frustration or joy, it won’t stop the game. The table comes with stylish accessories, and because of its design, it can truly be a gem of your playroom.

    A careful setup is required. Make sure that the table is steady. Unfortunately, there can be a chance that LED lights are not particularly durable, but at least you are guaranteed with several months of playtime with red for fire and blue for ice.


    • great arcade design
    • LED lights and full classic arcade illumination
    • full set of accessories included
    • steady legs
    • colour code to define two teams of players
    • powerful air blower


    • installation should be done carefully
    • lack of clear instructions
    • the table can come broken due to the factory packing
    • high price
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    Triumph Lumen-X Lazer – Interactive High-End Air Hockey Experience

    Triumph Lumen-X Lazer 6’ Interactive Air Hockey Table Featuring All-Rail LED Lighting and In-Game Music
    • Light up the night with the illuminating technology of the Lumen-X Lazer Air Hockey Table
    • Interactive table features in-rail LED lighting with cascading effects and in-game music. Age Range- 8 – 11 Years
    • Elevate gaming experience with accessories – two ultra-bright strikers and light-up puck
    • Enjoy fast and furious game play as dual motor blowers provide continuous air flow
    • Easily keep track of the action without losing focus while playing with electronic scoring.Surface Material: PVC
    • NOTE: Refer the Manual before use
    Last update on 2020-04-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

    To be honest, this air hockey table could be a part of Back to the Future 2 film set due to its modern design with ultra-bright strikers and a lit-up puck. Triumph uses the illuminating technology to turn the air hockey table into a part of a spacecraft. Indeed, this is a level up for a usual hockey table both in appearance and comfort during the game. Sadly, it “eats off” tons of your room and requires its own place to be there and wait until new matches.

    Unlike other products and older models, this air hockey table has a continuous airflow and does not require to be waxed. That means: be ready for the game speeding up like a bolide! The fully self-operating system will keep the record of all the scores for you, so you can stay focused without getting distracted.


    • modern design
    • illumination technology with LED lighting
    • all accessories are lit up
    • the full electronic scoring system
    • stable construction & steady legs
    • easy assembling due to detailed instructions


    • air blower made poorly
    • requires unplugging it constantly
    • quality does not fit its price
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    Atomic Blazer – Professional Air Hockey Rounds

    Atomic Blazer 7’ Air Hockey Table with Electronic Score Keeping with Rail-integrated Display, Heavy-duty 120V Blower for Fast Play, Overhang Rails for Reduced Puck Bounce and Leg Levelers to Ensure Even Playing Surface
    • Electronic Score Keeping with Rail-Integrated Display
    • Heavy-Duty 120V Blower for Fast Play
    • Overhang Rails Reduce Puck Bounce
    • Leg Levelers Ensure Even Playing Surface
    • Can Accommodate a Table Tennis Conversion Top
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    That is another professional-looking game table for those who think of the game seriously and would like to enjoy every minute of it. Like other models, Atomic Blazer has an electronic scorer, taking care of being all with your goals. This way, you can simply enjoy the game and only think about how to move a puck with your pusher.

    It has to be said that this game table is not portable. There should be enough free space for your own air hockey playground. The place should be dry and temperature-controlled to ease the risk of electronic failure. Most of the game tables own a fast-paced blower for fast-paced rounds, and Atomic Blazer is not an exception. It’s equipped with a very powerful 120V blower, so a special socket is a must. Check if you have one before ordering.

    Overall, grab your pushers and get into it, because this game table is made for a real air hockey junkie! It truly does look like the one you can remember being part of the whole arcade halls. Needless to say, it has sound effects to create the full illusion of a real sports game to thrill you up.

    And if you purchase a table tennis top, it can be transformed into a new game, which makes Atomic Blazer the best air hockey multi game table ever!


    • a detailed design imitating a real hockey ice rink
    • electronic scorer with a rail-integrated display
    • leg levellers to fit any player’s height
    • can transform into a tennis table
    • full arcade sound effects


    • mediocre quality of parts and materials
    • legs can become shaky in time
    • general quality does not match its price
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    ESPN Sports – Best Air Hockey Table for the Money?

    ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table: Indoor Arcade Gaming Set with Electronic Score System and Sound Effects – Available in Multiple Styles
      Last update on 2020-04-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

      Our next option, an air hockey table by ESPN, is supplemented with a strong blower fan. Lifting the puck, it allows it to slide on the playfield flawlessly. Constant and even airflow guarantees a smooth experience. Due to the top rails reinforcement, you can stop worrying about a pluck flying off: now, even the most intense game won’t pause.

      If it’s hard for players or the audience to keep up with fast-pacing rounds, LED score displays will show who’s a winner. Unfortunately, some users state they’re cheaply made and break off easily, and the board material makes it impossible to screw them back.

      The steel table legs are sturdy and designed for better stability. Be careful with the edges though: some people stated they’re incredibly sharp and may leave a cut or two. A few players even advised stocking bandaids for the round.

      In the set, you’ll get a pair of bumpers and a pair of pucks. Get ready for a weighty shipment: this table’s uneasy to receive and set up alone.

      Overall, it’s a fair price point for those who want the quality to correspond to all the money spent on the purchase. If you wish to find the best air hockey table for the home basement, this might be your calling!


      • great quality to price ratio
      • dimensions would fit any room
      • steel legs for extra stability
      • constant and strong airflow
      • 2 pucks & 2 bumpers in the set
      • LED scorer included
      • plays arcade sounds


      • safety issues: the edges are too sharp
      • the materials are cheap and not durable
      • heavy shipment & challenging to install
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      Fat Cat Pockey Table – 3 Games in 1 Purchase, Including Hockey!

      Fat Cat Pockey 7ft Black 3-in-1 Air Hockey, Billiards with Tan Felt, and Table Tennis Table
      • Get three games for the price of one in this convenient space-saving table.
      • Featured game modes are Billiards, Air Hockey, and Table Tennis, all full games without sacrificing quality
      • Tri-fold tabletop technology makes changing games a snap, just unlock the latches and flip it over! Can also be locked upright for simple storage
      • Convenient 7 foot size fits easily into tight game room spaces, allowing you to place it almost anywhere
      • Includes all of the accessories needed to play the games you love such as pool cues and billiard balls, hockey pucks and pushers, and table tennis paddles and net
      Last update on 2020-04-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

      This three-in-one gaming table by Fat Cat includes a tennis court, an air hockey rink, and even billiard! You can choose another game and set it up in seconds by flipping the surface. Full sets of accessories are included, so there’s no need in purchasing additional paddles, pucks, and strikers.

      By ordering the best 3-in-1 air hockey table by Fat Cat, you’ll save up quite a bit of free space: its dimensions are comfortable enough to fit any corner! Also, it makes you free of getting tennis and billiard tables separately.

      The table itself is quite heavy, so you’ll need some assistance to carry it home after it is delivered. Assembling might also impose a challenge as it takes from 1 to 2 hours. To make sure everything turns out as it should, you can stick to a set of instructions. They are well-written and perfectly understandable.

      Some reviews point out that the table center is somewhat higher than the sides, as the puck tends to slide towards the rails. The airflow might also be slightly weaker than in the average arcade table.

      Compared to a standard table for tennis, this one is petite. The supplements are of bad quality, but for kids, it could be a good introduction to table tennis. Pool setup seems to receive no critique.


      • three games in one table
      • it’s easy to flip the surface over
      • all the supplements included
      • great fit for tight spaces


      • the surface might be slightly curved
      • heavy shipment
      • long assembling
      Read Verified Customer Reviews on Amazon

      Atomic Top Shelf – Extra Thrill with Sound Effect and LED Lighting

      Atomic Top Shelf 7.5’ Air Hockey Table with 120V Motor for Maximum Air Flow, High-Speed PVC Playing Surface for Arcade-Style Play and Multicolor LED Lumen-X Technology to Illuminate Play
      • Action-packed air hockey table with 120V motor for maximum air flow
      • Slick, high-speed PVC playing surface for non-stop, arcade-style play
      • Illuminate play with multicolor LED Lumen-X technology and high-tempo music
      • 82″ x 41″ playing surface supported by four large and durable legs
      • Accessories include 2 LED pusher, 2 round pucks, 1 hexagonal spinner LED puck
      Last update on 2020-04-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

      With an Atomic arcade table, you will experience the fastest hockey rounds supported by the 120V airflow. A surface made from PVC helps the puck glide freely across the board without sticking or losing speed. Also, each round is accompanied with suspenseful music that adds extra tension.

      The board, the puck, and both bumpers are equipped with interactive LED lighting. Playing air hockey in complete darkness is an unbelievable experience, so you should try it! If you score a goal, the color will change to celebrate your victory. All the accessories come in handy, and apart from a pair of pucks, you’ll get an additional hexagonal spinning puck for unpredicted twists.

      With such stable legs, you won’t push or knock your table over, so nothing is going to spoil your game. After the Atomic hockey table is delivered, it’s not hard to assemble. You can deal with it even alone.

      In the reviews, customers agree on the table breaking too early: the scorer and the arcade sounds stop working in days after delivery. The customer support is ready to send you replacement parts but eventually might seize to answer.


      • fun LED lighting & sound effects
      • bumpers and pucks included
      • strong enough airflow
      • increased stability
      • easy assembling


      • questionable customer support
      • breaks easily
      • weighty delivery package
      Read Verified Customer Reviews on Amazon

      Hathaway Enforcer – Exciting Design & Fast Pace

      Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table 5.5-ft for Kids with Electronic Scoring for Family Game Rooms – Blue/White
      • DAZZLING DESIGN – Bring world-class excitement to your family game room. The Enforcer’s bright, hockey-themed graphics put you right in the heart of the action. Its melamine-coated cabinet stands up to scratched and scrapes.
      • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Reinforced legs and an extra-thick cabinet stand up to rough and tumble fun. This high-quality table won’t shake or twist, keeping pucks flying across a stable, level surface. Integrated leg levelers ensure an even playing field.
      • PREMIUM AIR FLOW – A 5 blade, AC110V axial fan sends a steady stream of air through over 1, 500 holes on the playing surface. The included pucks will glide smoothly over the even flow of air, ensuring fast-paced hockey action.
      • DIMENSIONS – Playing surface: 65-in L x 31-in W; Table dimensions: 66-in L x 32-in W x 32-in H; INCLUDES (2) Red 3-in strikers and (2) Red 2. 5-in pucks
      • Includes 2 red strikers, 2 red pucks, and AC adapter
      Last update on 2020-04-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

      The next hockey table we reviewed is made by Hathaway. The stable and damage-resistant coating will protect the multi-colored hockey-inspired design while making the arcade last longer. The extra-thick construction guarantees a smooth experience without any shakiness or unsteadiness. Just stop worrying and immerse yourself into the game!

      High-speed hockey rounds are a must. There are 1500 holes around the board that let strong airflow out. With a powerful axial fan, your puck will fly around as if it soars in the air. The pushers and other necessary accessories come together with the setup.

      Scoring can be done via an automatic device. Also, when you score a goal, the puck returns automatically as well.

      Reviewers state that there are dead spots on the playfield where the air flows do not reach. Some users got a broken hockey table, a table with parts missing, or poor quality product. Overall, be careful when buying this one.


      • damage-resistant board
      • legs with extra thickness
      • automatic return of the puck


      • dead spots across the playfield
      • a weaker blower in comparison to other tables
      • poor quality of the materials
      • heavy shipment & not easy to assemble
      Read Verified Customer Reviews on Amazon

      Viper Vancouver – Play Exciting Hockey Rounds at Your Garage

      Viper Vancouver 7.5-Foot Air Hockey Game Table
      • Air flow of 110 cubic feet per minute makes sure this table provides steady and powerful air to keep the pucks flowing quickly
      • Table features a smooth, white playing surface with graphics designed to look like an ice-hockey rink, as well as a dual-end puck return
      • Includes four pushers (mallets) and four pucks; Table is also equipped with leg levelers to ensure a level playing surface
      • Equipped with a triangular professional-style electronic scorer and timer; Timer can count down for 10, 15, or unlimited minute time options
      • Dimensions: 89-1/2″ L x 50″ W x 32″ H; Some assembly required
      Last update on 2020-04-29 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

      The last product on our list is a Viper Vancouver air hockey table made by GLD Products. To let the puck move around the smooth white-colored board reminiscent of a hockey rink, a 110V motor is used. Still, we can say it’s not as powerful as in other hockey tables. When you score a goal, a puck is returned automatically, making it extra convenient.

      The table comes with a scorer to help you navigate in who’s winning and a timer to control the round length. 4 bumpers and 4 pucks are included, too. To make sure the arcade is stable enough, it is equipped with leg levelers that make any surface underneath even.

      This Viper table requires assembling, although it’s not complicated.

      As this is the last arcade table in our article, unfortunately, it has a lot of flaws. The reviews state that it’s poorly made and rather cheap. The board starts to wear off after a game or two as the puck and the pushers leave marks on it. The side rail along the rink does not endure the constant bumps and chips off.

      There are a few dead spots on the playfield where the airflow does not reach, especially around the goals. Overall, because of the poor quality and the tendency to break, it definitely is not the best air hockey table for kids and teens.


      • 4 bumpers, 4 pucks, a scorer and a timer included in the set
      • easy assembling
      • comes with leg levellers for extra stability


      • poor quality
      • breaks down in days
      • bad quality to price ratio
      • weighty shipment
      • weaker airflow with dead spots
      Read Verified Customer Reviews on Amazon

      Buying Guide for Air Hockey Enthusiasts

      Listing all the advantages and flaws of the product might not be enough for the customer to decide if it’s worth buying. Indeed, it’s an individual experience or, rather, a Russian roulette: you might get a perfectly fine item or a complete disaster.

      Also, even if you order the best cheap air hockey table with rave reviews, you might run into another issue: for example, it will end up too bulky for the restricted space you planned to get it in! How could it happen? The answer is easy: technical characteristics are equally as important as customers’ feedback.

      When in search of the best air hockey table for the money, pay attention to the following:

      1. Table size. Obviously, if you have little to no area to install an arcade, it would be short-sighted to buy a full-size air hockey.
      2. Fan or blower. The difference between the two is that a blower creates strong and high-pressure airflow in one specific direction, whereas fans dispense the airflow evenly around the playfield.
      3. Rink walls. Make sure that the rink walls are extra reinforced to endure the pressure of the puck bumping against it. Also, it’s advisable to look for higher top rails as it helps the puck always stay inside the playfield.
      4. Power source. In hockey arcades with electronic or digital scoreboards, there are two power sources available: usually, it’s either an AC source or batteries. To power the scorer, some models use AA or AAA-type batteries that quickly run out and stop working. We recommend arcades where the scoreboard is AC-powered to stop wasting money on batteries.
      5. Leg levelers. There is always a chance that your floor is uneven. It may spoil your air hockey experience as the table really needs to be leveled. To avoid running into such an issue, look for arcades that come with leg levelers.

      FAQ: Our Last Piece of Advice

      After reading our article, you might still have some unanswered questions. To help you decide what is the best air hockey table to buy, let’s cover your remaining concerns.

      If necessary, can I supply extra pushers and pucks?

      The answer is yes, you definitely can. But mostly, suppliers think about their customers’ comfort and provide a full set of accessories required for a game. In case they are broken or lost, you can purchase whatever you need in the Internet. Be careful while choosing the air hockey table as some models work only with original accessories.

      Where can I put the hockey table if I don’t have a lot of free space?

      If you don’t have enough free space but are eager to have your own air hockey table, it can be a challenge indeed. In case you don’t have a playroom, a free basement, or enough space in the garage, choose a portable and easy-to-uninstall air hockey table which can be put away when your game is over. Thanks to the great variety and rich choice, you can still get an air hockey table corresponding parameters of the free space available at home. Before making a purchase, measure the place and compare results with the size of the table: thankfully, all suppliers provide this information.

      Are air hockey tables loud?

      Almost all modern air hockey tables have a special sound system to mark scores and create thrilling effects, benefitting your experience. On a control center of the table, there should be a sound regulation and switch on/switch off option. If you are in doubt, it’s better to contact the supplier, but usually, air hockey tables have medium-volume sound effects. All in all, they won’t interfere with other people’s lives and cause problems.

      Do air hockey tables require special sockets?

      Mostly, air hockey tables do not require any special sockets, just regular ones. If you are not sure about powerful air blowers working fine, check watts in your sockets just before making a purchase. Of course, it should be carried out carefully and with all the instructions. However, the suppliers have to inform you about any extraordinary equipment.

      Do I need to have any special equipment to set up an air hockey table?

      Thinking about the final product and the customer, suppliers tend to make setup as easy as possible. Almost all air hockey tables come with detailed instructions on their assembling. Usually, all you have to do is get a set of different-size screwdrivers and apply a bit of strength to tighten the bolts. I will be enough to install a non-professional air hockey table. An electric screwdriver will make it even faster. It doesn’t have to be a challenge!


      No doubt, an air hockey table is a great investment in a fun experience. It may be the first step to organizing your own arcade room in a basement or a garage. Imagine having a playroom just like the one from your childhood memories. But now, you can make it even better!

      Air hockey is a thrilling, time-consuming game that will elevate every party experience and turn a boring TV evening into an engaging family activity. Scream, cheer, and score some points with your very own air hockey playground.

      Thank you for taking the time to dig into this article. We hope that you will find the best full-size air hockey table.


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